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Wholesale Used Appliances: Buy by the Truckload or Container: Minimum Order 50 pieces


Washers & Dryers


Package Pricing $7995

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Used Appliance Wholesalers

909 Conklin Street Farmingdale NY 11735

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Are these appliances in working order?

These appliances are sold "AS IS" meaning theses units have not been checked. Some units will be in working order some will need minor repair.


Do you deliver?

We do not deliver. We work with a number of brokers who do frieght all over the U.S.. We ship most shipment by 53 foot trailers or containers. If need we can provide you a shipping quote. Pick ups at our location for smaller orders are availalbe as well.


How do you accept payment?

All orders must be paid by wire transfer or the money can be directly put into our bank account. A 50% Deposit is due to start the order process. The balance will be due the day before freight is surposse to come to get loaded. Trailer and Containers do not get loaded until payment is paid in full.


Do you sell individual pieces?

No we do not. The Smallest order for wholesale pricing will 10 pieces or more. All orders under 40 pieces must get picked up by the buyer. Freight quotes are only availble for orders of 60 pieces or more.


What is the percentage of working pieces?

All units are sold "AS IS" so there is no way for us to give a sure answer. From our experience and feedback from our customers around 1/2 the items are in working order and of the one that are not working 85% of those items are fixable or worth fixing which is on average over 90% of the items are in workable fixable order.


How many piece's are on a trailer load?

It depends on what is wanted on the order a typical 53 Foot Trailer with a mixed load fits around 125 pieces. A order of just washers and dryers fits about 200 pieces.  

Truckload & Container Load Pricing:

Wholesale Used Appliance Bulk Order Prices: All Machines Are Unchecked and Untested  Some units will be in working order, others will need repairs. 



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Reminder that we do not pay for freight and shipping is not included. All Orders are Subject to a Loading fee of $200.00 Loading Fee For orders over 100 pieces.

Wholesale Used Washing Machines Pricelist: 

Direct Drive Washer orders Sold As Followed 50% Direct Drive 50% Other ( Front Load or Belt Driven or Newer Whirlpools VMW's 5 light or other )

We Do Not Sell Only Direct Drive Washers

Direct Drives- $85 ea (Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper,Estate, Kitchenaid, Maytag etc) 

Brown Face Direct Drive - $85 ea.

General Electric, GE Washing Machine non digital - $85

Maytag Washing Machine (Belt Driven) - $85

Front Load Washing Machine: $85ea.

Digital VMW & Cabrio Style Washers $75

Stackable Laundry Units: $125.00 ea. Non Direct Drive Brands

Stackable Laundry Units : $150 Direct Drive Brands


Wholesale Used Dryers Pricelist:


Standard DryersGas: $70.00 ea.

Standard Electric Dryer: $55.00 ea.

Front Load Dryers Gas: $80.00 ea.

Front Load Electric Dryer: $70.00 ea.


Wholesale Used Refrigerators Pricelist:


Top Mount Refrigerator Non-Stainless Steel: Under 13 Cubic $55  (14 cubic and up $80)

Top Mount Refrigerator Stainless Steel: $125

Bottom Mount Refrigerator Non Stainless: $90

Bottom Mount Refrigerator Stainless Steel: $125.00 ea.-$150.00

Side by Side Refrigerator Non $65

Side By Side Refrigerator Stainless Steel A Grade - $125

French Door Refrigerator 3 Door Non Stainless $125

French Door Refrigerator 3 Door Stainless Steel No Ice on Door   $200

French Door Refrigerator 3 Door Stainless Steel with Ice on Door  $250

French Door Refrigerator 4 Door Stainless Steel - $400

Stand Up Freezers: $95.00 ea.


Wholesale Used Stoves Pricelist:


Gas Stove Non-Stainless - $65 - 5 Burners $90

Gas Stove Stainless Steel - $125.00 - 5 Burner.-$150  (Commecial pieces not included)

Electric Coil Top Stove Non-Stainless - $65

Electric Glass Top Stove Non-Stainless - $65

Electric Stainless Stoves B Grade $100 -  $125.00 - 5 Burner.-$150 

Reminder that we do not pay for freight and shipping is not included. All Orders are Subject to a Loading fee of  $200.00 Loading Fee For orders over 100 pieces.